"Francis Cronin is always pushing himself and his philosophy of living life to its fullest. He is  a positive driving force for anyone that needs a kick start. His Red Bull Cliff Diving video made our event more accessible to a wider audience and offered a completely alternative perspective.”

/ Al Butler, Red Bull /


"Francis Cronin is constantly pushing the boundaries and has created a new and vibrant style of collaboration. GlowPunk  are a creative and courageous group who are not afraid to challenge the norm. Glowpunk are putting the Portwest products to the test while at the same time promoting and endorsing our brand. Portwest are proud to be involved with Francis Cronin and we wish him every success in the future.”

/ Portwest.ie /

"GlowPunk led by Francis Cronin is a vibrant and gutsy representation of a modern multi-media group. This is a daring and adventurous collaborative that has ingenuity and wit to burn. Glowpunk have put their Irish GoPro gear to the test in a vast array of conditions and scenarios that one would not find with any other outlet.       

Thanks to his ever engaging online presence, Francis Cronin is an invaluable source of ongoing exposure for any brand out there. Here at GoPro Ireland, we are looking forward to see what is next for Francis Cronin and the Glowpunk team as their future is promised to be big and bright!”

/ GoPro Ireland /


"Francis Cronin and the rest of the guys at Glowpunk have the bravery to truly live life to the fullest . Being associated with Glowpunk has given us more drive and determination to push the boundaries; and the madness they get up to, guarantees our gear gets tested to the limits.

A mention about us by Francis on Twitter to his ever growing army of followers has driven a huge amount of traffic to our site and helped grow our brand. We look forward to being involved with the Glowpunk team in the future.”

/ Drygear.ie /

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